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1505, 2018

Personal Injury Attorney | Attorney Javier Marcos

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Auto Accident Attorney A auto accident happens when one vehicle wrecks with another vehicle, an animal, a tree, with a person, or other obstruction in the street like a light post. If you have suffered an accident, call personal injury attorney Javier Marcos for help. More than 80 people die in car accidents each day [...]

2108, 2017

Get as much money as possible from an accident | Personal Injury Attorney | Attorney Javier Marcos

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If you have been injured at work or suffered an accident and sustained injuries that are compromising your quality of life, then you can claim damages. But do you know what your case is really worth? The answer comes down to the damages you sustain and figuring out what those injuries are worth physically, emotionally [...]

3005, 2017

Trial and pre-trial procedures for cases pertaining to personal injuries

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While each personal injury lawsuit is unique, they do share some common elements whether you are the defendant or the plaintiff. Either way it is better to hire a personal injury lawyer. The following are the procedures you can expect during the pre-trial and trial period: Pre-trial procedure Meeting with a personal injury lawyer Whether [...]

905, 2017

The basics of Maritime injuries according to a personal injury attorney

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If you are a maritime worker, then you know that worker’s compensation will not work for you if you get injured. There are a set of specific federal laws that crew members, deck hands, seamen etc can make use of to claim damages in case they land up in the hospital due to a workplace [...]

1804, 2017

What is a pre-litigation settlement?

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Did you know that some personal injury claims can be resolved out of court? Contrary to popular belief,  not all claims have to make it to court – most are actually settled long before they see the inside of a courtroom via what are known as a pre-litigation settlement. What is a pre-litigation settlement? A [...]

404, 2017

What your Personal Injury Lawyer should know before a case

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Your personal injury lawyer is on your side and as such he/she has to know the full details of your case before presenting it to the court. To ensure you get the best results from your personal injury case, you need to be in-sync with the attorney working with you and that is only possible [...]

2703, 2017

Stages of a Personal Injury Case

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Whether you have been in an accident or got injured at a store or at your workplace, filing a personal injury case against the guilty party is your right. When you decide to file a case, there are some basic stages you will go through to make it legit. These are as follows: Hire an [...]

1703, 2017

Why you should hire an attorney before talking to your insurance company

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If you have been injured through no fault of your own, the first thing that must have popped into your mind is your insurance company, right? The adjuster seemed friendly and must have your best interests at heart. However, that is rarely the case irrespective of the severity of a claim. Do not call the [...]

303, 2017

Who is to blame if you slip and sustain injuries in a grocery store?

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When you are shopping in a grocery store and have little time on your hands, the last thing on your mind is getting injured. Unfortunately, you are liable to get injured rushing around like especially if you fail to see a spill in your path. If the floor has been washed recently and there is [...]

1912, 2016

How to increase safety and avoid workplace injuries

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As an employer and business owner it is your responsibility to ensure that your employees feel safe, remain safe in the workplace and try to avoid the workplace injuries. This is possible if you can create and implement a safety management program that can help you focus and enhance productivity and decrease the number of [...]