Attorney Javier Marcos and Associates has the experience and know-how to defend you and go after insurance companies, the person or company responsible, and/or the company where you work.

You need to be compensation for your injuries which includes medical expenses, your loss of salary at work, pain, your future losses, and related there to.


How much do I have to pay?

  • You don’t pay if you don’t win!!!!
  • We don’t charge by the hour.
  • We don’t require a retainer.
  • Payment to Javier Marcos and Associates happens once the case completed.
  • Payment is a percentage of the monies recovered.


What services does the office of Attorney Javier Marcos and Associates offer?

  • The main objective of our office is Justice for Hispanics!
  • We all speak perfect English and Spanish.
  • You consultation is free.
  • We’ll visit the place of the accident, your home, or the hospital.
  • We’re available 24 hours every day of the year.
  • You don’t pay if you don’t win the case.
  • We fight hard to win your case.
  • Your information is 100% Confidential.


There are 2 kinds of damages:

Depending on your case, your injuries, your damages suffered in the accident, and the person or company that caused the accident.

Payment is bigger for cases involving very serious damages like death, paralysis, fractured bones, and so on.

In cases where a person is guilty of a criminal offense, has behaved inappropriately, or out of the ordinary; punitive damages can be recovered in addition to actual compensation for damages.  A good example would be a person who is drinking and driving causes an accident at 80 mile per hour.


1. Compensation for damages:

  • Is a sum of money that the court awards a person for damages, losses, and injuries caused in an accident.
  • Pays for the injuries caused in the accident.
  • Covers the loss of the property that was destroyed.
  • Pays your debts and medical bills at the hospital.
  • Pays for the time you need to recover so that you can return to work.
  • Pays for your pain, suffering, and anxiety problems.


2. Punitive Damages:

  • Is the opposite of compensation for damages.
  • Punitive damages punishes the person for acting outside the law.
  • The purpose is to compensate for inappropriate behavior and deter future behavior.

For example:

Assume a person who drives an 18 wheeler is under the influence of alcohol and is at fault for an accident with an automobile.  Also assume the Trucking company knew that the person driving the 18 wheeler had a history of alcoholism.  The person who was in the automobile files the lawsuit to recover their losses and to pay their expenses.  In addition to recovering compensation for actual losses, in this scenario, the person in the automobile can recover punitive damages from both the driver of the 18 wheeler and the Trucking company that hired that driver.


Your Call is Important

If you’ve suffered an accident, you have a right to file a lawsuit to recover your losses, medical expenses, treatment, pain & suffering, lost wages, inability to work or function, property damages, and others.

It’s important that you quickly call Attorney Javier Marcos & Associates so that you can commence your medical treatment, do not worsen your legal position, preserve evidence, and learn your rights.

Attorney Free Consultation is provided by Javier Marcos and Associates, your information is 100% confidential and we’ll visit the accident site, your home, or the hospital.

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