Anyone who has ever been involved in a construction accident can tell you how chaotic and painful it  can be. It can be quite difficult to determine who is at fault and who to ask for medical expenses and the income lost during the recovery period. That is usually the last thing on the victim’s mind but it is the most important aspect since it can determine his/her future quality of life.

If you are a victim of a construction accident you can claim damages pertaining to:

  • a fall from a height such as from a rooftop, ladder, scaffolding etc.
  • injuries sustained from operating heavy machinery
  • injuries sustained due to electrical issues onsite.

And other incidents that caused injuries in this workplace. You can contact an attorney who specializes in such workplace injury claims so that you can claim the damages you deserve.

Who is to blame?

This depends on the size and scope of the construction project you were involved in and can include a wide range of people. For example while most of these projects are based on contracts which are managed by contractors, a large number are also managed by entire organizations. To determine the guilty party and who should be held liable for your injuries, you need to look at the duties of the individuals involved such as:

The owner of the construction site – This will depend on the amount of control the owner of the site gave to the contractor. As a landowner they might be held liable over their control on the premises rather than the work itself. However, this duty can be eliminated depending on what the contractor was responsible for.

The contractors – This includes the main contractors and the sub contractors working for them since both are responsible for ensuring their workers have a safe environment to work in. This includes a legal duty to inform all concerned about the inherent and apparent dangers onsite and to provide them the safety equipment they need to remain safe from falling debris. This duty also includes their responsibility to hire workers who can handle the jobs they need done and who are competent enough to avoid common injuries.

The designers and architects – Engineers and architects who were responsible for implementing the building designs can also be held liable in construction accident claims. That’s because they have a responsibility to ensure that their plans are not defective or hard to implement or place undue pressure on construction crews.

Construction Accident? – Call Attorney Javier Marcos

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