During the course of their employment those who work as lab assistants, construction workers and industrial employees frequently come in contact with harmful chemicals that can compromise their health later. By their nature these substances or chemical exposure are corrosive and can cause long term damage and even prove fatal with exposure.

Chemical exposure in the workplace

Almost any job in the industrial sector can expose workers to hazardous chemicals. While most cases are restricted to toxic exposures in factories or wherever those chemicals are used, made or mined, even those who work indoors in offices are not safe from them. For example if their office is being painted and they are forced to work amidst the fumes then they can file a lawsuit against their employers for the inherent danger they were forced to face. If the office is not ventilated properly then they can make a solid case against their employers.

Materials that are used for construction in workplaces often contain toxic substances. These include materials that are used to strip, paint and clean products and the most common chemical that is prevalent in them is methylene chloride. Exposure to this chemical can cause a range of effects such as depression, itchy eyes and major nerve damage in case of prolonged exposure.

The same is the case with rubbing alcohol that is used to treat wounds. It contains toxic chemicals that can cause headaches, nausea, vertigo and fainting spells if it is inhaled for long periods of time. Similarly acetone that is used to dissolve glue and to strip paint from walls can cause serious injuries if workers are exposed to it for long.

In high concentrations it can also suffocate its victims by inflaming their respiratory tract and causing injury to the lungs. Bleach or hydrogen peroxide is also fatal if it is swallowed or exposed to skin for long periods of time.

All of these injuries are imminent if workers are not provided appropriate protective gear that can keep contact to these chemicals at a bare minimum. The equipment should vary according to the chemicals that are being handled but some of the most common items should include gloves, safety goggles, helmets, full body suits along with exhaust fans in working areas. That is the employer’s responsibility and duty and if their workers suffer from debilitating medical conditions because they weren’t protected appropriately, then they are legally liable.

Some of the common conditions that can result from chemical exposure include:

  • Cancer
  • Chemical burns
  • Respiratory issues
  • Over sensitive skin
  • Extreme toxicity
  • Chemical poisoning

Among other debilitating conditions.

Chemical Exposure? – Call Attorney Javier Marcos

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