If you have ever been in a car accident or every caused one, then you know how horrifying it can be. Whose fault is it? Who will pay for the medical bills? Should you ask the one who caused the accident to pay for them or will health insurance do? These are just some of the questions that run through the mind of victims. In such cases an experienced and professional car accident attorney can help you negotiate the complex insurance and claims settlements.

However, before calling one up you need to do a few things and collect some information beforehand. The following is a checklist of things you should do right after a road accident:

  • Remain at the scene of the accident – If you cause an accident never leave the scene of the accident until a suitable time. Besides overlooking serious injuries that your passengers or the driver may have sustained, you can also face criminal charges and labeled a ‘hit and run’ driver.


  • Check for injuries – Before checking the damage on your own vehicle, make sure that the ones you hit or the passengers in your own car are safe. Don’t move them even if they seem ok since they might have internal injuries that are not apparent at a glance. Wait for paramedics to arrive rather than doing something yourself.


  • Call the police – If the accident was serious and resulted in extensive damage and injuries call the police immediately. Once they arrive ask them to file a report and don’t forget to ask for their names and badge numbers. This information will be useful in court since they may be asked to testify on the stand.


  • Exchange Information with the victim/driver – Whether you caused the accident or the other driver is at fault remember to exchange your information with them. This includes names, addresses, numbers, license and registration, plat numbers and basic insurance information of everyone that was involved. Be sure to remain cooperative and cool headed so you can get this information easily.


  • Do not admit anything – It is very difficult to determine who is at fault when an accident occurs. So if you say that you were at fault you might be wrong and you will also be admitting legal liability for what happened. Therefore try not to admit that you caused the accident right after. You might be innocent of all wrongdoing.

 Car Accident Attorney Javier Marcos

If your case is not clear cut, you do not know if you are to blame or not, the other driver is being uncooperative or you were the victim of a hit and run, call attorney Javier Marcos and Associates. They will be your legal representatives and will ensure you get what you deserve out of your case. Call them by dialing 713-999-4444 / 1(800) 444-8118.