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1212, 2017

4 simple tips to drive safely at night and avoid accidents | Attorney Javier Marcos

2017-12-13T16:39:22+00:00December 12th, 2017|Articles|

Driving at night is the most dangerous time to drive period irrespective of weather conditions. However, there are some things you can do to minimize auto accidents risks. These include: Using headlights wisely Turn your headlight on at least an hour after dusk even if there is some light out. As the sun sets visibility [...]

3011, 2017

The role of fatigue in car crashes | Attorney Javier Marcos

2017-12-05T17:45:09+00:00November 30th, 2017|Articles|

Driver fatigue is one of the main reasons for car crashes on the highway and in traffic. It contributes  about 20% of accidents and most of them are fatal especially those that involve speeding cars. A driver who falls asleep cannot brake to reduce impact. Car Crashes involving sleepy drivers are more likely to [...]

2111, 2017

Auto Permit for visiting Mexico | Attorney Javier Marcos | 713.999.4444

2017-12-05T04:42:55+00:00November 21st, 2017|Articles|

The holidays are just around the corner and many people are traveling to Mexico by land. Avoid long lines and process your "Temporary Vehicle Import" permit. In other words, in these festive days, if you are going to visit your family to Mexico in a car, you will need a auto permit which is temporary. [...]

1611, 2017

Is an employer liable for a car accident involving employees? | Attorney Javier Marcos

2017-12-05T04:42:58+00:00November 16th, 2017|Articles|

If you have been involved in a car accident while working, your employer is liable for damage payments but there are some factors involved in this. The basic legal aspect is that if an employee is injured in a car accident which occurred within the scope of his or her employment duties, then the employer [...]

111, 2017

Types of truck accident you can get compensation for | Attorney Javier Marcos

2017-12-05T04:42:58+00:00November 1st, 2017|Articles|

An accident that involves a large semi is anything but minor. Chances are high that it will result in death or injury especially if another vehicle is involved. Those driving the car are more at risk than the semi driver but that does not mean the latter gets off scratch free. A truck driver can [...]

2310, 2017

How to keep children safe by using car seats properly | Attorney Javier Marcos

2017-12-05T04:42:58+00:00October 23rd, 2017|Articles|

As a parent, one of the most important jobs you have is ensuring your child is safe in your car while you are driving on the road in their car seats. Every year thousands of children are killed just because they are not strapped in properly. However, you might have trouble picking a car seat [...]

2909, 2017

Can you sue Uber for an accident? | Attorney Javier Marcos

2017-12-05T04:42:59+00:00September 29th, 2017|Articles|

Uber is not infallible when it comes to car crashes and as a passenger you have every right to sue the company in case you are in one with them. That’s because they owe you a duty of care so if you are harmed in an accident while using Uber, you can claim damages. Unfortunately, [...]

2609, 2017

How to avoid a school zone accident | Attorney Javier Marcos

2017-12-05T04:42:59+00:00September 26th, 2017|Articles|

School zones are designed to keep school children safe from passing motorists when they come to school and when they leave. However, these zones can pose a threat anyway since motorists can be quite reckless. To ensure you do not find yourself at the bad end of a school zone accident or a personal injury lawsuit, [...]

1509, 2017

How to stay safe during an explosion | Attorney Javier Marcos

2017-12-05T04:42:59+00:00September 15th, 2017|Articles|

Workplaces that have flammable materials are always at risk of experiencing an explosion especially if property safety measures are not taken. A dangerous substance is any substance that can cause harm to people either by exploding or catching fire such as a chemical reaction gone awry. These can be found in almost all work places [...]

709, 2017

Construction lien | Owed money? | Attorney Javier Marcos

2017-12-05T04:42:59+00:00September 7th, 2017|Articles|

What is a Construction Lien? A  construction lien is a retention of property or interest to insure payment of a debt or other obligation. A lien is placed on the owner of the property and benefits the person who placed it, called the “lien holder”. The lien is retained until the debt has been paid, [...]