A tropical cyclone or tropical storm that are formed over the Atlantic Ocean and the Pacific Ocean is called “hurricane”. Hurricanes form over bodies of warm and humid water. The cyclone that forms over the ocean has its wind blowing counterclockwise.  The season officially begins June 1 and ends in November 30 but are possible anytime of the year. This is why Attorney Javier Marcos recommends having ready an emergency bag and be precautious in case that a hurricane strikes in our city.

What items should the bag include?

In case of a Hurricane, Attorney Javier Marcos recommends having ready an emergency bag. The first thing that Attorney Javier Marcos recommends is a first aid kid including band aids, gauzes, eye patches, sterile gauze pads, wipes, gloves, scissors, antibiotics, thermometer, alcohol, hydrogen peroxide and medicine. He also recommends having a whistle, nonperishable food items, bottled water, radio, lantern, batteries, personal hygiene items, games, notebook, pencil, sunblock, insect repellent, plastic garbage bags, cash, knife, can opener and important documents such as copy of your identification.

Precautions and effects of a Hurricane

It is necessary to know the effects of a hurricane and be precautions. Tropical cyclones cause big waves, heavy rain and strong winds. There is an increase in the level of the sea, and due to high winds there are big waves that can wipe out fishing boats and cause flooding in communities that live in the coast. The heavy rain cause that the rivers and currents overflow, causing flooding and not be able to circulate on roads. A hurricane also has strong winds that can damage or destroy vehicles, buildings, bridges and other outside objects that can turn deadly flying projectiles.

Attorney Javier Marcos recommends getting out of the city in case of a hurricane and having ready the bag in case of an emergency. If you or someone you know, have been in an accident, do not hesitate to contact Attorney Javier Marcos. Our offices are open 24 hours a day year round, and we are ready to fight your case.